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Drillog Petro-Dynamics Limited (PDL) delivers a broad range of products and services that help the petroleum industry improve efficiency and increase ultimate productivity for the life of the reservoir.

In planning and execution, our experienced and dedicated drilling services will ensure success and safety for your operations. We are  the foremost Nigerian Company in Directional/Horizontal Drilling and LWD/MWD Services  because of our professionalism and efficiency.

MWD system was launched in1998 providing Gamma ray. Direction and inclination services from GE Tensor USA. We have introduced new services through the service/purchase alliance with Halliburton Energy Services in the area of LOGGING WHILE DRILLING & ROTARY STEERABLE SYSTEM. Through this service/purchase agreement we have access to LWD and other high end services including Geo-pilot Rotary Steerable and Geo-tap. We have successfully carried out six jobs so far with Mobil,Total, Addax and Pan Ocean Oil Corporation.
Currently, we have extended our service for these new tools to NPDC, NDPR in addition to Mobil,Total and Addax. Also in the making is our intended service to be launched
in the third quarter of this year AUTOMATED DRILLING SYSTEM from WILDCAT SERVICE, USA.


Directional Drilling Services

Well Planning

  • Well Design,
  • Well Drilling,
  • Directional Drilling,
  • Horizontal Well Drilling,
  • Well Bore Hole Surveys.
  • Rotary Steerable Drilling.
Our well Planning center is fully automated and equipped with latest technology. We carry out the following services;
  • Well Path Design,
  • Multilateral Well Designs,
  • Torque and Drag Analysis,
  • Survey Calculation, Bottom Hole Assembly Analysis,
  • Anti-collision Report and Analysis,
  • Torque and Drag Analysis and Behavioral Analysis.

 Measurement While Drilling

Logging While Drilling

  • Bore Hole Inclination and Direction,
  • Formation Gamma Content
  • Acquisition While Drilling
  • Formation Evaluation While Drilling



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